Storm's Herald by J.W. Golan

Storm’s Herald: Stormfall Chronicles Book 1 by J.W. Golan

This book has many of the great things in a YA fantasy; different cultures, monsters, magical vs non-magical realms, battles and a path of discovery for some young characters. There are also some other secondary characters that add some fun story line aspects to the overall novel. The fantasy world J.W. Golan has created is interesting and well-described and I always love a fantasy that includes many different species (goblins, ogres, fae, oh my!). I also enjoyed Lynette’s magical schooling of different fae abilities. I do wish there had been a few more scenes of her testing these abilities out as they were interesting and explained the fae world a bit more.

One other thing I was a bit disappointed with was that the character Baxter, who in the description seems to be a main character, only had a short time in the spotlight. After a few chapters of his importance to the story, he kind of faded to the background and was mentioned in passing. I liked his character and would have been interested to see more of his storyline and progression. Maybe he is more prominent in the next book of the series, but again wish he had more parts in this book.

*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Synopsis: A peasant girl who dreams of becoming a sorceress, a boy who imagines himself a knight – trailed by a ruthless mercenary armed with an ancient sword. Willingly or not, Lynette, Baxter and Eirlon must together solve the riddles behind the relic – and stay one step ahead of the ruthless killers that pursue them.